Thursday, March 12, 2009

Magic Kingdom Photoshoot

i basically have THE greatest job in the world :: where i can come to the "happiest place on earth" and just walk around and snap photos :)

[yes.. that's thunder mountain in the distance]


my whole focus of this particular trip to MK was to shoot "Wishes" -- "a magical gathering of disney dreams" -- the fireworks spectacular that happens every single night.. my absolute FAVORITE thing in the MK..

i shot over 200 photos of JUST the fireworks.. so.. if it seems like i'm posting a lot ? its because i TOOK a lot :)

it looks like a starry night :)

i'm in LOVE with my camera..

i swear.. this shot is straight out of camera.. even tho' it DEFINITELY looks photo-shopped !!

" .. when you wish upon a star .. "

and so.. basically i've changed my mind.. i don't want to be a wedding photographer anymore.. i want to shoot images for post-cards :)

my grand finale shots didn't come out too hot.. i shot all of the above images at a 3.5 f-stop.. shutter speed of 25.. and ISO of 500.. i needed to push the shutter speed wayy up in order to really get the finale because it was just too bright for my 25.. oh well.. next time.. because i'll definitely be doing this again !!