Saturday, March 31, 2012

PJ [Easter Portraits, Milan, PA]

I have said it before and I will say it again - I have the cutest nephew in the world :)
[and I can totally say that right now with all honesty since he's my ONLY nephew in the world! LOL in a few years, I may not be able to say that without getting tackled by someone!]

Anyways, Mr. PJ-man's Mama found him the most adorable Easter outfit - don't you agree? And it came complete with this adorable hat - which thankfully he kept on without too much bribery! Seriously though, those striped pants and little tie are to die for! Who ever said that it wasn't as much fun dressing up little boys as it is little girls?

When it comes to photographing little kids, there isn't too much posing that goes on - for the most part, you set up the scene [which in our case was a blanket out in the yard with a basket full of eggs and chocolate and a stuffed bunny] and then insert the kiddo into the scene & then you step back and watch what happens :) It's totally fun and "unscripted" and you get the cutest results!! Especially when the little guy is mischievous and decides to run off with the basket and climb a tree :D

Basically, I had a ball hanging out with my nephew one afternoon :) 
Seriously, I laughed so hard - he's such a stinker! I love him to death :)

.. showing off his awesome dance moves :D


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Josiah [newborn portraits, Sayre, PA]

I seem to be in the spot of my life where my friends are all beginning to get married and have babies.
Wait - what?! Babies?!
Yes, babies :)
And they are all soo cute :) From my most handsomest nephew - da man PJ [who's Easter photos I am so close to being finished editing! WOOT wait till you see his adorableness!] - to the newest baby to be added - meet Mr. Josiah.

First off tho', remember Jeana & Sam? They definitely have to win the award for being the sweetest couple - they are so adorable together. When we first met these cute kids [yeah because I refuse to be at the age where I refer to my contemporaries as "adults"] they had just found out that they were going to have this little peanut in a few months! 

In other words, up to this point, the entire length of our relationship - we have known Jeana to only be pregnant :D
SO - it was incredibly exciting to finally meet this little man we have been anxiously waiting to meet for the last 9 months!! 

Don't let his sweet pictures fool you though - even tho' this guy was barely 10 days new when I took his photos, he was on the move! He was quite the little squirmy worm - and was constantly making us laugh by his little antics and his funny faces! Oh my, he's gonna be quite a little ham I think and I can't wait to watch him grow!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Larissa [Maternity Portraits, Towanda, PA]

Okay okay, so if you've seen any part of American Idol in the last 2 seasons where Jennifer Lopez has been on the show, you've probably heard her squeal out "Goosies!" after a particularly good performance - letting everyone in the audience know that that person was so amazing that they just gave Jennifer Lopez goose-bumps.

It may seem totally self-centered, but Larrisa's maternity session made me want to jump up and down and squeal "Goosies!!" over and over again.

From the moment I found out my good friends were expecting their first baby [it's a boy and his name is Sidney!] I began looking forward to shooting maternity pictures of Larissa. And, the closer we got to her due date, and the more we began to talk about the photos, I almost couldn't contain myself. I was so looking forward to capturing this amazing time in my AMAZING friend's life - and I am so incredibly thrilled with how the photos turned out!!

We knew from the beginning that we weren't going to do the traditional "naked belly" photos - we wanted a more natural, laid back, and quiet approach. We threw the world "tranquil" around, wanted to show off the happiness & anticipation, but overall wanted the images to be beautiful - and I think we completely succeeded :)

See for yourself - and we're already planning newborn photos for when Mr. Sidney decides to arrive sometime around the end of April!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[I Heart Faces] Beautiful Black & White

Having done two of my very favorite photo sessions in the last two weeks it's REALLY hard to choose a favorite black & white photo!! ESPECIALLY since in both of those sessions I was shooting with the intent of converting most of my shots to black & white!

Talk about difficult.

But, ultimately I chose this image of Miss Savannah over an image from Larissa's maternity shoot, simply because I'm going to keep those ones in hiding just a few more days while I really perfect them :) They'll be on my blog by the end of the week tho', I promise!

And seriously: who can resist this pudgy, beautiful face, with those big, bold eyelashes, and sweet, soft hair? :D

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baby Savannah [newborn portraits, Sayre, PA]

If you've ever heard the expression "like a kid in a candy store" and know what it means - better yet - if you've ever experienced that sensation, where you felt like a kid in a candy store, then you'll know exactly how I felt when I arrived to photograph baby Savannah's newborn photos.

Her mama & grandma had gathered a whole room-full of props and outfits and toys and ideas and I literally could have played for hours and hours. It was heaven on earth :)

Now, normally, I try to stay away from traditional "studio" photography - I'd rather use what is in my subject's natural environment and come from a more photojournalistic approach. But I must say, playing with all the props and toys they had prepared for baby Savannah's photos - I had so much fun! And I think, especially for newborn photography, it really just works :)

See for yourself :) Baby Savannah is so beautiful - and check out her hair!! It is soo soft and I soo wanted to steal it :) She is such a happy girl - even after being at the doctor all day long the day before. She's definitely her mama's little princess and I wanted to snuggle with her all day long, but like I said, all those wonderful props and toys were calling my name --

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