Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Abby!

Derrick proudly announced it this morning over our Saturday morning breakfast of cinnamon rolls; that today was June 30th. 
 I slowly nodded my head & gave him the "ooooookay" look. 
He raised his eyebrows at me and said "Duh! It's Abby's birthday!" 

 Today our baby girl turned a whopping 2 years old :) 
She doesn't act it though - she still looks like a puppy, still acts like a puppy, and still plays like a puppy. 
She still hides under our bed when I pull out my hair-dryer or when we snap open plastic bags. 
She still jumps on us when we get home from work. 
She still chases reflections & lights around the room. 
She is still determined to sleep right in between Derrick & I every single night. 
And she still thinks she owns our house :) 

 Someday I'm sure she'll "grow-up" and eventually be too old and lazy to do those things, but we will always love her the way she is. 
 And today in honor of her birthday - I baked her a cake, we lit candles & even sang to her - she loved it :)