Monday, September 24, 2012

PJ's turning 3! [Waverly, NY photographer]

There is some magical moment that occurs when a baby becomes a "grown-up" little boy - and somehow I missed that moment.

Don't get me wrong: I see my nephew at least once a week, but somehow, when I went over to take photos celebrating his 3rd birthday, I saw a whole new little guy.
He was adorable as ever, but he had something new: he had a more mature look in his eyes. He didn't look like a baby anymore, and he was sneaky as ever when it came to getting the Smarties I brought along as bribery out of my pocket and into his little hands :) And he knows who his Uncle Derrick & Aunt Kara are now and will come running to see us - it's so awesome!

He's your typical little guy - loves to run around, wants to dig in the dirt [and then for goodness sake, get that dirt off his hands!], and loves to pick flowers for his Mommy. 
I love him to death - and like someone told me recently: the best photographs come from someone who actually loves their subject - well, if that is the case, PJ will have the best photographs in the world :)

For the special and once-in-a-lifetime experience of 3-year-old birthday pictures, PJ's Mommy got him a super-hero cape & mask - I want him to come & rescue me ever day :D

And this is his super-hero pose! We told him to put his hands on his hips and this is what we got :D

Now, his Grandma can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he looks just like his Daddy & Uncle Derrick did when they were little boys [from pictures I've seen of course :D]