Wednesday, April 30, 2008

bubble bath

i began to give ruby a bubble bath tonight.. and mysteriously.. stephen--who claimed he didn't need a bath because he had just gotten one--quickly showed up and jumped in with ruby.. hehe

yeah.. we had LOTS of bubbles :)

like i said.. LOTS of bubbles !!

ruby couldn't even sit down because the bubbles were over her head.. oops.. =X

this picture was taken right after stephen decided to try to eat some bubbles.. they don't taste too good poor guy..

Sunday, April 27, 2008

deep creek lake

summer's definitely right around the corner -- we went to the lake for the first weekend of the year.. and the weather was really nice considering its still only april !!

i love this picture..

and this one too.. hehe.. i know that they are both basically the same.. but i loved them both.. just stephen perched on the roots of this old tree.. fishing his little heart out.. hehe

okay.. don't get me wrong.. the weather was really nice.. but what in the world would have prodded the dog to go for a swim?

okay.. maybe amy wading around would have prodded the dog out into the water.. but really.. it was not warm enough to be swimming yet.. lol

loved the clouds..

as we were packing the van to leave.. this great warm sunshiney light came out.. so i shot some "attempted" portraits.. so here's ellen..

i wish i had photoshop to lighten up her eyes.. >.< i'll have to work on that.. this is amy..

another case of dark eyes : emma..

stephen didn't turn out bad.. hehe isn't he handsome !?!


if you click on the picture.. it will come up larger and you can actually SEE what they are doing.. hehe.. they set up this picture themselves--clever little people they are :)

buster.. on the way home he was sitting on daddy's lap.. flying :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

the mustangs

the mustangs had their last tournament of the season today in monroeville.. so i went down to see them play :) it was crazy.. seein' all the kids that used to be so tiny and not so good-- now taller than me and wayy better than i ever could have dreamed of playing.. crazy stuff.. but it was fun to go see them play..

this is the junior b team i believe..

okay.. i have NO clue who this little kid is.. but he was ADORABLE.. haha

tory.. one of the ones who used to be shorter than me and now towers over me.. hehe i remember riding home from a tournament.. and naomi and i were sitting behind tory.. and she kept running her fingers thru his hair and cooing over how soft it was.. hehe.. good times :)

anthony's on the senior b team..

josh.. i remember josh's older brother daniel playing and being like wow so amazing.. hehe

anthony serving..

josh spiking..

the rest of the pictures are of the senior a team.. A-MAZING stuff they are.. haha dude.. check out how HIGH micah jumps.. o.O

haha NO idea what will is doing here..

jesse spiking..

will spiking.. (look how HIGH he is !! wayyy over the net.. which is like 7 ft. tall) and uhh.. right after i took this picture.. will went up to spike.. and creamed the ball.. right into the head of one of the girls in the grey shirts on the other side of the net.. =X oops..

micah spiking.. another crazy jump..

ken spiking.. now.. ken doesn't jump AS high.. but ken is SO funny.. hehe


will.. jump serving..

micah.. jump serving.. yeah.. its just a little bit ridiculous how HIGH he is jumping right there..

micah spiking again.. i couldn't get over how HIGH he was off of the ground.. o.O

emily setting..

i love this.. because just look at it.. courtney just set micah and he's spiking it.. there are 2 blockers up at the net and micah's pushing it past them.. but just in case one of them were to tip it back.. jesse's RIGHT there covering micah's back.. THAT is how you are supposed to do it :)

will.. gettin' that first pass..

anna.. pullin' it off the net..

hehe the senior a team.. showin' each other some love and support :)

and the 2 most WONDERFUL coaches in the world.. responsible for all this goodness being displayed on the court in purple.. mr. larson and mr. mcgeary.. gotta love these guys.. they are AWESOME !!! the mustangs would not be who they are.. and as GOOD as they are today without the dedication of these 2 guys right here.. (btw.. they are fixing a net in this pictures.. lol)