Thursday, April 17, 2008

photos in the dark

i'm totally LOVING these warmer days.. they're incredible.. anyway.. after sitting outside all night no one really wanted to go inside the night was so gorgeous.. so we had a fire.. oooo funn :)

i've never taken pictures of fire before..

it was wayyy cool.. lol

kinda like shooting water? its very delicate.. but take out all the "oops" pictures and some of them turned out pretty sweet..

tripods help too.. lol

mmm.. can you smell it?

fireflies? hehe

okay okay.. enough fire..

how about the awesome fire pit that grandpa built last summer eh?

haha i was amazed.. b/c it was really dark out.. and i was like "nate if you want your picture taken.. you have to sit REALLY REALLY still".. and he did !!


zeb and mal.. stayin' warm by the fire..

haha this was cool.. the shutter speed was around 2" ? and so while the shutter was open.. right as it was about to close someone walked behind zeb.. but since it already had most of the picture drawn.. they are just a slight blurring.. its a GHOST !! haha

so what does our house look like in the dark? even caught some bling off of the light..

the moon.. pretty pretty..

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