Sunday, April 27, 2008

deep creek lake

summer's definitely right around the corner -- we went to the lake for the first weekend of the year.. and the weather was really nice considering its still only april !!

i love this picture..

and this one too.. hehe.. i know that they are both basically the same.. but i loved them both.. just stephen perched on the roots of this old tree.. fishing his little heart out.. hehe

okay.. don't get me wrong.. the weather was really nice.. but what in the world would have prodded the dog to go for a swim?

okay.. maybe amy wading around would have prodded the dog out into the water.. but really.. it was not warm enough to be swimming yet.. lol

loved the clouds..

as we were packing the van to leave.. this great warm sunshiney light came out.. so i shot some "attempted" portraits.. so here's ellen..

i wish i had photoshop to lighten up her eyes.. >.< i'll have to work on that.. this is amy..

another case of dark eyes : emma..

stephen didn't turn out bad.. hehe isn't he handsome !?!


if you click on the picture.. it will come up larger and you can actually SEE what they are doing.. hehe.. they set up this picture themselves--clever little people they are :)

buster.. on the way home he was sitting on daddy's lap.. flying :)

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