Saturday, April 12, 2008

braddock's trail park

one of the gorgeous days this week.. we went hiking at braddock's trail.. we were hoping that more of the flowers would be out.. but i guess we were a little too early for most of the flowers..

amy looking up at the bee hive..

reading the wildflower guide..

haha ruby loved the binoculars.. even tho' i don't think she knew how to use them :)

its hard to tell from the little picture.. but the whole hillside is covered in these tiny white flowers (pictured below).. it was pretty cool..

haha i love her face.. its priceless :)

ruby and amy holding up the tree..

more pretty purple flowers.. they were really the only type that were out..

stephen taking in the view from the top of the hill we climbed..

it was actually pretty sweet because we watched the train go thru the valley ! 89 cars long too.. amy counted..

haha doesn't it look like we're in the middle of NOWHERE?

ruby was "fishing".. for what i'm not sure..

amy.. ruby.. stephen.. and emma..

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