Thursday, May 14, 2009

a weekend away from FL

last thursday night.. i got off work at 1:15am.. and after hanging out at perkins with my good friend aimee.. i was dropped off at the airport for my 6:15am flight from orlando to philadelphia..

i hit it just right .. right as the plane was taking off : the sun was coming up.. it was definitely the most incredible sunrise i've ever seen..

*mental note to self : next time you fly.. try to catch the sunrise again..

even tho' it wasn't technically my first time flying.. i don't really remember the first time i flew.. so i basically spent the entire 2 hour flight staring out the window in awe of how cool it was. :)

but .. the whole reason i never slept thursday night and i was flying into philly friday morning was for derrick's graduation :)

after the ceremony was over .. we spent the rest of the weekend at derrick's parent's house :) the time went SO fast.. but we accomplished a lot .. including squeezing in our traditional game of pool :)

we also cleaned out derrick's jeep so he can sell it..

derrick actually took this photo.. i wasn't tall enough to see into the nest like this :) thank God for tall boyfriends !!

we did so much stuff last weekend tho' :: went to a church softball game.. went hiking around this "park".. saw the new movie 'star trek'.. had derrick's graduation party.. played foosball, pool, and dominos late into the evening with derrick's cousin michael and his girlfriend heaven.. cleaned out two vehicles.. and the list goes on and on..

as horrible as it was getting back on a plane to leave derrick.. it was definitely more beautiful flying back to FL than it was flying to PA..

i miss derrick so much.. and would jump on a plane right now in order to see him again..
if only life was that easy..