Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PJ's first food !!

It feels like I haven't taken photos in forever !
I almost feel like the wedding has taken over my life. It has seeped into everything and just overwhelmed me. I guess that's normal at this stage of the game as today marks the one month mark until the wedding ! It's so crazy & exciting, but also super stressful because all of a sudden, it is like the horn has just been sounded and we're coming around the last lap and it's now a full out race to the finish line. As a bride who is planning her own wedding and taking on multiple roles - this is where things begin to get very crazy. I have so much on my plate and so many things all jumbled up in my brain that I need to do within the next four weeks that suddenly I'm a little bit stressed out.

And - after crying about it to my fiance, and telling him how much I missed taking photos since the wedding has decided to take over my life -

I received a swift kick in the pants.

He then proceeded to remind me why I love him so much :) Anndd remind me of one of the reasons I've known for a long time that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Because he refuses to listen to me whining.

Oh, he'll listen to it. And take it all in. And sit silently while I whine & complain & cry about my life. And then, when he knows that I'm finished - he pounces.

In this case - I was crying because I missed my life. I missed taking photos - I hadn't even touched my camera in weeks. I missed writing stories and blogs. And - I really just missed my life ! And I blamed it on the wedding - it has sucked all my life into it and now I never have time for anything else.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Didn't you just hear me? I just told you how much stuff I have to accomplish in the next month for the wedding !! I'm so overwhelmed ! OH and did I mention I have to pack too since I'm moving at the same time?"

Which is when he proceeded to bring me back down to earth. He so gently explained - if I miss my photography so much - why don't I make time for it ? Take my camera to work and while on my 30 minute lunch break - go out and shoot images. Come home from work and instead of jumping right into other things - shoot images.

Make time.

Besides - he continued to explain - no wonder I'm so stressed out all of a sudden - I don't do anything for ME anymore ! He asked when the last time I simply relaxed was - whether that be taking a nice bath with a cup of tea & soothing music or playing with my camera or reading a book or watching a movie or whatever - when was the last time I did something for me?

Umm - I can't remember.

And so, he pointed out that no wonder I was overwhelmed - anyone would be. I needed to make time for me.

Hmm. That's so simple. Why didn't I think of that?

So, he gave me that swift kick in the pants I needed to jump back into things. No, I'm not dropping the ball with the wedding - that must go on - but time must be made for me too.


Ah - that was fun to write :) See Derrick ? I'm trying =D Love you !!


So anyways - last night I went over to my soon to be sister- & brother-in-law's house to hang out and witness my nephew's first eating of real food.

Now - I promise, I'm going to be the classic doting Auntie. I plan on spoiling this little rascal to death :) His Mommy will probably refuse to be my best friend anymore after he makes a couple visits to his Auntie Kara's house and I stuff him full of chocolate & cake & candy and give him all sorts of toys =D

But, that comes later - no chocolate or cake or candy for this little guy yet !!

Rice cereal ? Now that's a different story !! He's just about 6 months old [yeah, I can't quite believe that one] and last night had his first taste of "real" food.

He's so funny - he's been watching his Mommy & Daddy and everyone else eat for the last few weeks. He's really attentive now to everything - he loves to watch things and has been fascinated by food. So, last night we let him on on the secret of how yummy food actually is.

Poor guy, he was a little curious at first as to why we were strapping him into his high-chair. He had just been woken up from his nap and now he was being strapped into this plastic thing - poor guy, he was so confused =D

Anndd - oh boy. If he ever decides to pull this pout on his Auntie Kara? I'll do whatever he wants - buy him a dog? a horse? a car? SURE PJ ! Anything for you baby !! =D

He's very good at making other faces too though !! He had us all laughing so hard =D

His initial reaction to the very first spoon-full. Oh - priceless.

He was so confused poor guy !! It was almost like - what is this terrible stuff you're putting in my mouth and what am I supposed to do with it ?? He honestly looked like he was just going to cry at first.

After just a couple bites though - he was sold. And he became a regular little pro. I was very surprised - I don't remember any of my siblings taking to cereal so easily - I mean sure they ate it, but I just remember them spitting it all over the place the first few times. But PJ didn't.

He made some great faces while eating =D He's such a little ham !

Definitely my favorite of the night - see ? I told you he had become a little pro by the time we had finished feeding him =D He's just like a little bird - feed me feed me !

And you could just tell - he was so happy with himself for doing that. Eating food just like the big people do - oh yeah !

And then - because his Auntie couldn't resist - we took a few more photos =D He's found his toes - can you tell ? He likes to eat them too ! But, I'm sure he'll soon find that cereal tastes much better.

Sweet, sweet baby face.

And so, I'm back - no more being overwhelmed with wedding stuff. I have plans - oh yes - photography plans - just all personal projects - stuff I want to do before the wedding - and I'm excited !!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Princess Ballet

The story goes:

A little girl went to a museum to admire the beautiful paintings of the princesses. While she was there - the paintings came alive and the princesses danced for the little girl.

Giselle from Enchanted




And Cinderella

After the ballet was over - they asked if any of the kids wanted to meet the Princesses. Ruby went up and plopped herself down right next to Ariel, even though she said her favorite princess was Cinderella =D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wedding Invitations !

[I know I promised my next post would be the Princess Ballet - but I have been so consumed the last 2 weeks with getting my wedding invitations finished that that has gotten pushed to the side. But, now that the invites are finished - the Ballet post will be coming up soon !!]

The wedding invitations are finally complete !! They took me SO much longer to put together than I ever imagined - but I am SO happy with the results :) It is amazing to actually now be able to see the final product - I've had the idea of what my wedding invitations were going to look like forever - but to actually see the idea that's been in my head become a physical thing is so exciting !!

I've been working on these little buggers for a long time - a few weeks. I was taking my time and taking everything in steps. Believe me - there were more steps than I realized when I planned out my idea. I don't even want to think about how many hours I've poured into these invitations - but it was totally worth it ! Making them myself saved us a ton of money - plus they are personalized exactly how I wanted them =D

This morning I started the final step - which was to cut all the ribbon & attach it to the cards. As you can see - I started this morning around 10am. The sun was out & streaming through the windows - it was glorious.

So, like I said, I started around 10am and finished at 10pm. Now before you think I'm completely bonkers and have lost my mind - no, I didn't work for 12 hours straight though - had a break for lunch & dinner, and a few hour break when my family & I went to see Alice in Wonderland :) It was a long process though - I'm so glad they're FINISHED !!

Haha, I do believe I started to go just a little bit crazy though when I started cutting the ribbon - because I cut myself a nice little pile and then when I went to attach it - realized that i had cut everything too short !! Agh, thankfully I had extra ribbon - but I was still bummed that I messed this whole pile up. Oh well, I'll use it somewhere =D

And the good news is: I have enough ribbon left over (not sure what I was thinking when I bought it) to use on my centerpieces !! YAY !

So, I have a million more projects to complete though - I have to make mini invites for the church, the ceremony programs, create all of the centerpieces, and the seating cards - haha and that's just the beginning =D

First things first though - sleep tonight. And tomorrow afternoon I'll start to address them so they can go in the mail on Monday !!