Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wedding Invitations !

[I know I promised my next post would be the Princess Ballet - but I have been so consumed the last 2 weeks with getting my wedding invitations finished that that has gotten pushed to the side. But, now that the invites are finished - the Ballet post will be coming up soon !!]

The wedding invitations are finally complete !! They took me SO much longer to put together than I ever imagined - but I am SO happy with the results :) It is amazing to actually now be able to see the final product - I've had the idea of what my wedding invitations were going to look like forever - but to actually see the idea that's been in my head become a physical thing is so exciting !!

I've been working on these little buggers for a long time - a few weeks. I was taking my time and taking everything in steps. Believe me - there were more steps than I realized when I planned out my idea. I don't even want to think about how many hours I've poured into these invitations - but it was totally worth it ! Making them myself saved us a ton of money - plus they are personalized exactly how I wanted them =D

This morning I started the final step - which was to cut all the ribbon & attach it to the cards. As you can see - I started this morning around 10am. The sun was out & streaming through the windows - it was glorious.

So, like I said, I started around 10am and finished at 10pm. Now before you think I'm completely bonkers and have lost my mind - no, I didn't work for 12 hours straight though - had a break for lunch & dinner, and a few hour break when my family & I went to see Alice in Wonderland :) It was a long process though - I'm so glad they're FINISHED !!

Haha, I do believe I started to go just a little bit crazy though when I started cutting the ribbon - because I cut myself a nice little pile and then when I went to attach it - realized that i had cut everything too short !! Agh, thankfully I had extra ribbon - but I was still bummed that I messed this whole pile up. Oh well, I'll use it somewhere =D

And the good news is: I have enough ribbon left over (not sure what I was thinking when I bought it) to use on my centerpieces !! YAY !

So, I have a million more projects to complete though - I have to make mini invites for the church, the ceremony programs, create all of the centerpieces, and the seating cards - haha and that's just the beginning =D

First things first though - sleep tonight. And tomorrow afternoon I'll start to address them so they can go in the mail on Monday !!

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