Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bowling !

About 10 days ago - my little sister Amy - who will always point out is no longer "little" as she now stands taller than I - put together a little bowling party for her friends. They weren't celebrating anyone's birthday or anything special - they just decided they wanted to go bowling together - FUN ! =D So, being the awesome sister she is, she allowed us - her family - to come along with her = maybe the fact that she's only 14 would have something to do with that too =D

But we had fun.

A little Daddy/Daughter love =D

Abby & Chelsea - I think they were disagreeing with the "automatic scoring" the bowling alley had - it was a little bit messed up at times.

My sister Amy & one of her bestest friends [lol] Olivia =D

Okay, so my Mom & Dad used to bowl every week with a league - so she's pretty much a super professional at this stuff =D

And my little bro Stephen - this is his first time bowling - he LOVED it.

And, by the end of the night - he was turning into quite the little professional himself !!

I'm sad to admit, but this little guy did bowl more strikes & spares than even I did - so - he's definitely a pro.

Annddd.. some of the other people who went bowling =D

UPCOMING ATTRACTION : I can't wait to post my next blog ! It's all about the Princess Ballet my baby sister & I went to at the library !! It was so much fun !! Look for it - coming soon !!


  1. great job Kara now put those on a dvd so I can do a scrapbook page in about 6mos when I have time!!!

  2. oh thanks i look like i'm drunk!!! :P