Friday, February 19, 2010

don't beg !

Last weekend, Derrick was here! =D It was Valentine's Day weekend - of course he was here :)

Anyway, besides V-Day, we had a full weekend lined up - as usual. When you are planning a wedding & live 260+ miles apart, the days you have together are packed with things that have to be done & can only be done when your together.

So, we were about to head out for his first tux fitting when we walked around the corner and I caught Ruby eying Buster & Buster eying Ruby's sandwich. I hurried up and grabbed my camera - which just happened to be near by & snapped this shot. I couldn't pass it up - the way it was set up with them looking at each other & just how Ruby was perched on the chair was SO adorable to me !

Ahh, I'm gonna miss my little sister when I get married & Derrick takes me to his castle that is so far away [which *cough*, he hasn't acquired yet, but will soon =D]

64 days to go !


  1. I LOVE that picture of Ruby, and I love lil doggies, so I love Buster, too!

  2. aww, I want this picture printed to put in a frame, pleeeeeaseeee just like that in b/w and color