Wednesday, November 25, 2009

.. the before =D

SO, let's start at the very beginning :)

I caught Maddy jumping out of the car & running into the church. She was so excited ! Her Mommy was marrying this amazing man named Justin today ! =D

A few more detail shots : the rings

Alicia's gorgeous dress !!

Before putting on her dress, Alicia helped Maddy - such a sweet moment :)

Maddy is a completely gorgeous little girl - definitely her Mommy's girl.

I LOVED Alicia's hair - so gorgeous ! She really didn't get emotional as in crying while putting on her dress - she was so excited ! She kept letting out little screams and then covering her mouth and going "I'm so sorry ! But I'm just so excited !!" =D

A few people got sneak peaks of Alicia in her dress : Larissa & Cheri came up to pray for her

Catching a glimpse in the mirror.

Like I said, she was SO excited the whole time she was getting ready !

Utterly gorgeous too

This is Alicia's Grandma who came up to see her - and complete a special tradition in Alicia's family.

She sewed a piece of red thread into the hem of Alicia's dress

A little more prayer ..


A hug from Mom.. and she was ready to go !

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Justin & Alicia - sneak peak !


I am so tired, but I had to show !! I had so much fun today shooting Justin & Alicia's wedding !! They were AMAZING to work with and I'm so excited - I can't wait to show you all how absolutely INCREDIBLE their wedding was, but, you'll have to wait for the rest :) This is all I have for now, I'm super tired and will work on the rest of the wedding later on this week and blog all about their big day later :)

But for now, feast your eyes on just how adorable they are !!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

the little artist

Last night I stumbled upon the cutest sight ever:

In my family, everyone thinks of Emma as the artist. In fact, she is the one who drew the picture Stephen was coloring. But I think the fact that we have hundreds of Emma's artwork posted all over the house was inspiring the little man of the family to try his hand at art.

Isn't he just the most handsome thing in the world? I want to eat him all up :) And keep him at this age forever and ever and ever.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I come complete with my own fan package =D

I was going through my photos today - looking for appropriate shots to create my new header [which I plan to re-do in a few weeks when I get my new MacBook & PhotoShop !!] but I was so excited about changing my blog around I couldn't wait :)

But anyways, I was looking through some of my old Disney Photos - and came across this fellow, I think he is my new favorite person in the world =D Derrick: watch out, because this guy is out there somewhere --

So, I guess I should explain why there is a man holding a sign that says "I <3 Kara" =D

Well, you know, I'm such a HUGE star - why wouldn't he be holding such a sign ??

No, while I was working at Disney World, Hollywood Studio's newest attraction: The American Idol Experience opened up. For their grand opening, they all had all sorts of American Idol stars come in and make an appearance to promote this new attraction.

This particular young man was waiting for the American Idol Judge: Kara DioGaurdi. He had probably been waiting for a super long time [as most people who came to see these celebrities did - the lady & gentleman standing next to him with all the pins had a sign that said "I've been here since 5am this morning!" o.O crazy..] just to show his support while she road in the back of a car down Hollywood Boulevard, toward the stage set up at the American Idol Pavilion.

But, I like to dream though that he was really there for me :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Penguins at the Library

I was in bed, gloriously sleeping in on a Saturday morning, when I heard the bedroom door slooowly open and I heard a little person creep quietly into my room. I opened my eyes to see Ruby standing at the side of my bed. I smiled at her and she whispered, "Kara, can you take me to go see the penguins at the library?"
Now, how does anyone say no to such a sweet little request? So, I said "Sure." She yelled "YES!" and turning around, disappeared out the door.

The National Aviary of Pittsburgh came to the Norwin Public Library this morning to do a presentation on some of it's birds. The place was packed !! It was such a great turnout.

This is Gonzo the Parrot :)

The kids loved him - he could do all sorts of sounds and say all kinds of things.

Next, she brought out Franklin the Owl. He wasn't out long - all the people kinda spooked him.

And this is Simon the Penguin - who everyone came to see :)

I have to admit I was rather excited to see a penguin this close !!

And, I also have to admit that : his name is Simon? And every time she would say his name, all I could think about was one of my managers back at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom who's name was also - Simon =D I'm sure he would enjoy the fact that the penguin reminded me of him.

I also stole some photos of kids that were there - this little guy was so handsome. I LOVE his hair !!

What a cutie - he didn't care too much about the birds though, he was just happy to suck on his sippy-cup.

Toward the end, I think most of the little little kids were getting a little tired.

AGH ! Don't you just want to gobble this little guy's great big eyes all up ??

haha - and probably my favorite :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

baby Paul Jr.

2 weeks ago I had the incredible privilege to photograph my brand new nephew !! His mommy is my very best friend and it was so much fun to takes some photos of her new little bundle of happiness :) And, I think you can definitely see in these photos, just how much happiness he has brought.

He wasn't too happy at the beginning of our little shoot, but he warmed up to me and my camera pretty quickly I think.

These hands won't be so tiny very long !

haha - once we took his clothes off he was WIDE awake !!

But, he fell back to sleep very quickly :)

LOVE his little toes !!

BIGGGGG yawn..

Little Paul is a master of making faces :) He seems to like to raise his eyebrows and make all those little creases in his forehead - just like his Grandpa has :)

Awwww Mom.. :)

There's no doubt about it though, he knows who his Mommy is already & loves to look at her :)

haha - naked baby again :)

She's a spectacular Mother.. as we all knew she would be :)

"Okay Paul, now roar like a lion" :)
Notice: his long "chicken"-legs and arms :) Aren't they cute ?

In Grandpa's baseball glove - it has already been determined that he WILL be play baseball someday just like his Grandpa :)


I laughed with Naomi put this little outfit on him !! Who wouldn't love the little duckie butt !! =D

For only 2 weeks old ? He is a super strong little bugger holding his head up like that !

While we were taking photos - the cat was keeping a close eye on everything we did =D Couldn't help but snag a photo of her !!

Love you Paul, Naomi & baby Paul ! He's so precious !!