Thursday, November 5, 2009

baby Paul Jr.

2 weeks ago I had the incredible privilege to photograph my brand new nephew !! His mommy is my very best friend and it was so much fun to takes some photos of her new little bundle of happiness :) And, I think you can definitely see in these photos, just how much happiness he has brought.

He wasn't too happy at the beginning of our little shoot, but he warmed up to me and my camera pretty quickly I think.

These hands won't be so tiny very long !

haha - once we took his clothes off he was WIDE awake !!

But, he fell back to sleep very quickly :)

LOVE his little toes !!

BIGGGGG yawn..

Little Paul is a master of making faces :) He seems to like to raise his eyebrows and make all those little creases in his forehead - just like his Grandpa has :)

Awwww Mom.. :)

There's no doubt about it though, he knows who his Mommy is already & loves to look at her :)

haha - naked baby again :)

She's a spectacular Mother.. as we all knew she would be :)

"Okay Paul, now roar like a lion" :)
Notice: his long "chicken"-legs and arms :) Aren't they cute ?

In Grandpa's baseball glove - it has already been determined that he WILL be play baseball someday just like his Grandpa :)


I laughed with Naomi put this little outfit on him !! Who wouldn't love the little duckie butt !! =D

For only 2 weeks old ? He is a super strong little bugger holding his head up like that !

While we were taking photos - the cat was keeping a close eye on everything we did =D Couldn't help but snag a photo of her !!

Love you Paul, Naomi & baby Paul ! He's so precious !!

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  1. I love the next to last picture! It looks like something out of calvin and hobbes! hahaha