Tuesday, October 20, 2009

best friends shouldn't have babies..

you know you're getting old when you stand up as your best friend's maid of honor on her wedding day..

and you know you're getting old when she tells you that she's pregnant..

but you REALLY know you're old when that pregnancy becomes a REALITY in the birth of a new little baby that you can see and touch and hold !!

little paul jr. was born on october 9..

and with is birth.. i became an auntie !! [well.. not officially.. i guess i have to wait until april 24 to OFFICIALLY be his aunt.. but oh well..]

he's such a perfect little baby [except last night.. when i heard he kept waking up ever hour & a half and not letting his mama sleep] but other than that.. he's been soo good !!

just some strangers we pulled off the street to model for us :)
noo.. they are super proud grandparents !!

yep.. he's got all 10 toes :)

oh .. and its been agreed that they are now charging $1 a kiss - except of course for his mommy & daddy :)

first family photo !!

official paul jr. photoshoot will commence later on this week - so more photos to come !!