Sunday, October 18, 2009

.. 20 ?!

.. when did we become adults and -- how do you make it stop ?!

yesterday i made the giant leap between being a teenager and being officially in my "20s"..

hold on.. let me pick myself back up off the floor and find the duct tape because i think my head just exploded..

but seriously ? who gets this old ? i mean t.w.e.n.t.y ?! doesn't that mean that next year i practically turn 50 ?! omigoodness.. how do you make this STOP ?!

haha.. last year i wrote a post [October 17, 2008] about turning 19.. and i said ::

"i guess i'll let you know in one year if it really is the perfect age -- if the 19th year of my life is the best ever..
i hope it is.."

okay.. well.. i'm here to tell ya'll - that my 19th year of life was AMAZING.. i mean.. seriously just think of all the incredible things i did as a 19 year old !!

back in november of 2008, i was able to accompany my [then] boyfriend for two concerts he had to perform.. and if you ask him now - that was one of the only times he really got upset at me - because at first i kinda blew it off as something simple i could do.. and so *cough* i didn't really practice much.. and so when we were together for the first time to practice.. i stumbled thru all the pieces: the entire time promising that in another month when it came time for us to perform that i would have it down pat.. haha i think i just really freaked him out =P

i was able to spend Christmas with 2 amazing families ! mine.. and derrick's :) it was so much fun to spend such a special time with his family and have him here to share the holiday with me & mine.. we had fun those days :)

and then !! highlight of highlights.. i packed up all my stuff and made the major move to DISNEY WORLD ?! seriously.. tell me you did something BETTER your 19th year of life :)

i had the most amazing and incredible opportunity to intern at walt disney world from january thru may.. and then extend and stay until august..

that's a LONG story - AMAZING times.. i loved it ! absolutely incredible :) i met the most amazing people.. became friends and lived with people from all over the world.. ah man.. it was the time of my life..

and i still miss it.. even tho' i left on august 14.. and its now been over 3 months since i've set foot in a park.. i miss working there soo much !! of course.. i think i miss all of my friends most..

and then.. as if living in disney world for 8 months wasn't a big enough even of my 19th year.. someone had to go and TOP it all !!

on august 15, 2009.. a super amazing young man asked me to marry him !! holy cow.. do all these wonderful things SERIOUSLY happen to the same person ?? i think somehow i got a super extra large load of blessings this year.. and i'm still kinda stumbling under how great they are !!

so.. things have kinda quieted down - if you can say that.. i'm super busy planning a wedding - MY wedding !! gosh.. never thought i would be doing that :)

oh ohh ohhh !!! and how could i forget ?! just last week my best friend made me an AUNTIE !! WOOT !! being engaged to her brother-in-law.. makes me an AUNT ! and.. yes.. i have the CUTEST little nephew :) :) he's the bestest - photos coming soon !!

annnddd.. i can pretty much PROMISE that my 20th year of life is going to be just as amazing - if not MORE - than my 19th year !!

so much is planned for the coming months - a wedding.. a honeymoon.. moving into a new house with my new husband.. a new job.. and loads of new experiences !!

i'm excited :) :)

.. so here's a sobering thought: when i turn 21.. i'll be married ! eek.. i think i'm going to go hide now :)

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