Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The 3rd Wheel

I'm sitting here this morning, reading the newspaper and drinking my coffee -
okay just kidding I'm catching up on American Idol from last night and drinking a glass of milk :P
[by the way, who do ya'll think should win tonight? I'm totally impartial since the world voted off my faves Skyler & Colton, I guess I did vote for Jessica last night |even though I hadn't watched the show yet| because I think it's time for a homeschooled female to win :D]
But anyways :)

You know that creepy-awkward feeling when you become a 3rd wheel? Where there are 2 people who really want some time alone but you are still just awkwardly there? Suddenly I got that feeling. Which is weird because I am sitting in my dining room completely alone - besides my dog [D is already gone to work for the day].

That's when I looked up.
And saw the neighbor dog peeking thru their window, looking for Abby.

Abby ran over and they just looked at each other. 
Wait a minute. What is going on? Excuse me - this kind of behavior will not be tolerated, I'm sorry Abby-girl, but you aren't old enough to be peeking at the boys next door!!

D & I are going to have to have a talk with her tonight - AFTER the windows and blinds are firmly shut :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Sidney [newborn portraits, Towanda, PA]

If I learned anything from my friend Larissa's pregnancy it was this:
don't tell my father-in-law you are prego and expect him to keep it a secret.

I remember getting a phone call from D's wonderful father, who was overly excited and who couldn't wait to tell me that our good friends Mitchell & Larissa were going to have a baby.
After my heart jumped with equal excitement, I think I said something like: "Uhh, but, maybe they wanted to tell me themselves?"
To which he responded: "OOPS! Well, pretend like you don't know! Forget that I told you! I just couldn't help myself!" :D

What can I say, babies are exciting!
And Mr. Sidney is definitely an exciting one - when I went to meet him at 8 days old, he was content to simply sleep, be woken up to eat, and go back to sleep! Ahhh the life :)
And Mitch & Larissa are such FANTASTIC parents - they are totally infatuated with their new little guy, geez they barely let me hold him! haha I had to literally pry him out of their hands to spend a little snuggle time with him :)

But see for yourself - he's so cute, if he was mine I wouldn't want to give up any moments with him either :)

Some Daddy & Sidney time - he definitely has Mitch's knack for making silly faces - how can a baby who is only 8 days old know how to make faces just like his Daddy already? He's talented, that's all I can say :)

 I told ya he was good at making faces:

While I was over visiting the brand new family of 3 - I had the incredible pleasure of photographing baby Sidney's great-Grandma meeting him for the first time! Larissa's Grandma lives right next door, but she hadn't been over yet to meet her new great-grandson. And it "just so happened" that she decided to come over while I was there - it was so amazing to sit back and observe such a fantastic meeting - it was precious!