Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Abby outtakes

yesterday i posted a photo of abby for the i heart faces challenge for the week.

well, the photo i posted was not my original idea.
my original idea, was that i wanted to wrap abby up in a string of lights and take her picture by the tree and make it look like, she got into the lights - ya know? i mean: she IS a mischievous little girl :)

so i got the only strand of lights we hadn't put up, and plugged them in by the tree and called her over to me.
she was perched on the couch and refused to budge.
big time.
think: teenage rebellion refusal.

so, i brought the lights to her:

after a few tries at wrapping her up, she gave me such a pouty face that i just couldn't take it any more!
i snapped a few quick photos and then knew that that was not going to work.

so we tried something different. lay the lights out on the ground and let her sit in the middle of them all, then take her picture from above - she was MUCH happier to oblige with that request :)

hey: anything is better than her pouty faces :)

the moral of the story is:
i'm going to be a horrible-push-over mom whenever i have kids and they give me a pouty face :P

Monday, December 12, 2011

I Heart Faces - Furry Faces

my puppy is such a good model :)
but she wasn't too fond of my original idea - come back tomorrow to see how that went - it's pretty funny.
but she does love to have her picture taken :)
plus i gave her lots of treats and she was a happy girl :)

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our House [before and afters]

okay so this is kind of ridiculous and i know it.

back story:
we have a 3 bedroom house. 
we have lived here 14 months and have done a TON of work to make this house our own.
a few weeks ago, D got the brilliant idea to switch the office and our guest room.
and so, the day after Thanksgiving [the only day he has off and i have to work!] he switched the rooms.
but, after he switched them, i said, we have to do something about our "new" guest room.
[you'll realize why when you see the first photo!]

so, we both had taken yesterday off - originally we had planned a few things to do, but they all fell through and we ended up spending the day painting the guest room!

see for yourself how horrible it was:

and how AMAZING it now looks!

i am SO in love with the color we picked! i really wanted to do this turquoise color and brown in the room - and with all the dark woodwork, i knew it'd really pop :) ahh i'm so in love :)
here's another shot:

so, obviously the room isn't completely finished - pictures need hung and i need a new bedspread - but for now, it looks SO much more amazing than it did!

anndd - while we were painting, we decided to repaint the stair-well too!
it was also in desperate need of some paint-love :)
[i'm not sure who lived here before, but they had this fascination with this ugly yellow color, it's in our bathroom and in the "new" office too - those rooms will eventually also get painted!]

well now it's what i like to call "hot chocolate" :D
it's a really smooth & beautiful color that i was a little nervous about at first, but i adore now!

another shot, coming UP the stairs -

so i have plans for THIS wall space too! i already have a picture display planned out in my mind and i can't wait to carry it out :D

so - our house [namely our stair-well and guest room] look incredibly amazing now - and i couldn't be happier :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Heart Faces - Feet!

i thought we were having a good time.
i mean who wouldn't? we were taking pictures & the little ones were getting rewarded for being good with lollipops & marshmallows - sheesh you would think they would want me to stay forever!

but apparently, i had overstayed my welcome.

it was quite obvious when miss bella brought me my shoes.
and then dropped them in my lap.
guess that's my cue to leave.

so as i was putting my camera and lenses away, she took my shoes back and decided she wanted to try them on - see if they were her style.
all i have to say is - rock those chucks bella! you go girl :)

[ps - click here in case you missed seeing their family's photoshoot blogged]

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Z Family [family portraits, Sayre, PA]

a lot can happen in a year -
lots of changes:
like moving into a new house,
having a new baby,
and growing up BIG time!

you have to remember this family from last year - they were so adorable and so supportive of me last Christmas, especially with me starting to really kick my photography into a higher gear.
well - lots of changes and one whole year later, here we are again!

this family is still SO adorable & i felt like i could have hung out at their house all day long :)

little miss big sister isn't so little any more - yes she still loves to hug & kiss & smother her little siblings to death - khloe really has grown up into quite the little helper this year. with a brand new baby brother [ohh yess - baby jonah!] she's become mommy's number 1 helper :)

i must say: i got a LOT of really awesomely FUNNY pictures!
these girls are so much fun and i loved that their personalities really shone through with all the giggling and silliness that occurred :)

miss bella :)

and miss sophia :)

and of course, who could forget the 2 love birds that are in charge of all the silliness?

sam & jeremy: thank you so much for inviting me back to your house again this year - i had SO much fun with you & your kiddos - hope you enjoy all your pictures!!