Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Jonah [newborn portraits, Sayre, PA]

coming from a family that consisted of 4 girls until a little boy was born, i totally remember how exciting it was to suddenly have a boy in the house.
things were suddenly blue, and trucks and cars appeared where dolls and tea-sets used to be.

so i could totally relate to how ecstatic everyone was when baby jonah was born - the baby brother to his 3 older sisters.

i know daddy's love their little girls, but there's something special between a daddy & his little boy.
if you don't believe me, well just ask jeremy & jonah :)

when i went over to meet jonah - he was only 7 days new, but he is already such a little man! he's so big and completely adorable - i just wanted to sit and cuddle him the whole time i was there :)

he has the most big beautiful wide-awake eyes and the cutest little fuzzy hair!

AND - he can wink too!
he's such a talented little man already :)

well, as you can see - jonah is a pretty impressive little guy already.
and i think his mama & daddy are expecting big things from him!
dude think about it: he's born into a family of sisters! he's already got a huge task ahead of him: protect those sisters :) oh i'm sure there will be plenty of teasing and silliness in between, but at only a week old i can tell - this one's special :)

congratulations sam & jeremy! he's amazing :)

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