Monday, October 10, 2011

I Heart Faces - Hands

when i first read about this week's challenge over at i[heart]faces, i knew what photo i wanted to use.
it's from mitch & larissa's wedding, and it's larissa's hands sticking out of her wedding dress as her bridesmaids are slipping it over her head.
so i went to find that photo, and instead was captivated by another photo of larissa's hands that i just couldn't get away from.
so, because i'm allowed to change my mind, here is that photo :)

i remember once i read on a blog that the photographer especially loved photographing a bride's hands on her wedding day.
are they nervous and shaking?
or calm and steady?
and ever since it's been another detail i've looked to capture during a wedding.

i love the elegance of this photo.
and i love that, even though you cannot see her face, you can just sense her calm composure.

be sure to head over to i[heart]faces to see more "hands" photos!


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  1. Sweet photo! What a great shot and reminder of all the details of her big day!

  2. love this! And I agree, she looks way more composed than I was in those moments :)