Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tara & Andrew [wedding photography, Wysox, PA]

it seems to be the magnet that pulled tara & andrew together.

it was classic.
that day they were both at their apartment's pool at the same time.
and tara had the cool pool toys that andrew and his son were totally in need of.
never mind that tara was absolutely gorgeous and andrew was searching for any excuse to introduce himself to her.

it was so innocent.
but one simple conversation about borrowing pool toys and the next thing you know, they were having deeper conversations about everything but pool toys.

and a few years later, they found themselves beside water again.
this time tho', things were a bit different. and when andrew built a castle in the sand and "found" something shiny to put on top -

well let's just say: they decided they wanted to share pool toys forever :)

they planned a beautifully simple ceremony with their closest friends and family.
and vowed to love each other forever.

tara got ready with the help of her sister - they were both so excited!

and tara - you are utterly breath-taking. totally gorgeous!

oh remember their daughter? gianna? oh man she's such a doll. i could probably do a whole post just about her :) while her mama was getting ready - her grandmas were keeping an eye on her. and of course accepting any kisses would come their way!

meet the awesome groom. andrew was getting a few last minute instructions from the pastor.

their ceremony was held in this adorable "one room" church - that had huge windows on either side - allowing beautiful, soft, natural light to flood the place. it was amazing.

i loved that they included their daughter in their ceremony! 

and this.. has to be one of my favorite family photos ever!
proof that family formals do not have to be boring!

andrew had recently taught gianna how to give the "thumbs up" - and so all day long she gave people thumbs up - love it!

okay, and i promise - one more of gianna - how could anyone resist this face?

her mommy & daddy are pretty fabulous themselves :)
we had such a wonderful time taking photos after the ceremony. it was one of those rain-of-and-on kind of days - but we were blessed enough to have a window of "off" time and it was glorious!

i hadn't met tara or andrew before the wedding - and sometimes that can be a little tough but they were so cool - we could have been long lost friends :)
andrew warned me at the beginning that he was "not good" at having his picture taken - but i think my camera said otherwise :) he definitely wins the award of being one of the most laid-back and funny grooms!
and the beautiful thing about the groom being laid-back? is that it also allows the bride to be laid-back - which means oh so fun photos :)

i think this is one of my new all time favorites :)

and this post is already really long so i'll leave with some details from the reception - beautiful fall decorations!

tara & andrew [& gianna!] - i wish you all the best! you truly are awesome people and i wish you all the happiness in the world.

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