Monday, October 31, 2011

Emmie [Senior 2012]

Emmie :)
ahh I love this girl :)
Emmie goes to my church is is part of our youth group [D&I are youth leaders? oh you didn't know that? now you do :)] and you can always count on Emmie to do something unexpected.
and you can always count on Emmie to make faces, make jokes, laugh hysterically, and rarely be serious :)
she makes things interesting - and fun.

so when she came bouncing up to me after church one Sunday morning and asked me to take her senior pictures, i secretly began to bounce on the inside because i knew it would be a ton of fun!

needless to say, our photo adventure was just that - an adventure!
we jumped train tracks and laid in the grass and picked flowers and got in some guy who was carrying a tv's way!

i love how her photos turned out tho' - i really wanted to capture Emmie's fun-loving and crazy personality, but equally show how beautiful she is - and i definitely think i succeeded!
but i'll let you decide for yourself :)

best of luck Emmie! love ya girl!

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