Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tim Hawkins - Johnson City, NY

i was sitting on the couch.
my mom was sitting on her computer.
she began playing a video that someone had sent her.
and suddenly she was laughing super hard.

so of course, that brought everyone to the computer.
"what mom? what's so funny? what is it mom?"

and thru' her tears, she pointed to the screen, and thus we watched our first tim hawkins video.

i remember, for the rest of that night, we watched youtube video after youtube video.
we sat there and hated on the computer because it was taking so long to load.
so we got smart and began to load multiple videos in multiple tabs.
we just couldn't get enough.

since then, my family has bought his dvds and they still watch his youtube videos.
my sister emma can quote for you word for word most of his acts.
[she even does the voices he does :D]

so you can imagine how jealous they are all that last friday night, D&I went to see him LIVE!
[sorry guys, i'm not trying to rub it in :)]

agh he was so funny.
we laughed so hard :)
if you've never heard of tim hawkins - you gotta check him out.
start like we did - with his youtube videos.
i promise, you'll be hooked for life :)

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