Saturday, October 1, 2011

lazy october day

today - i'm being super lazy.

it's so cold outside [around 48*] and we don't have our wood-burner hooked up yet - so it's cold inside too.

i worked this morning at the bank so i felt like i accomplished something today.
and now? i don't feel like doing too much of anything else :)

so i've pretty much done nothing all day. 
got caught up on the x factor.
curled up under a pile of blankets.
read my book.
took a nap.
facebook creeped on some folks.
drank hot chocolate.
you know - nothing :)

anndd - to top it off: D offered to make dinner! so i'm being REALLY lazy :D
this doesn't happen often folks so i'm really soaking it in :)
mwaha i love it.

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