Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our House [update]

"It's so nice because our house isn't the ugly house on the street anymore."

we used to refer to our house in several different ways:
basically it was the most run-down looking house on our street.

trust me, it was scary.
[remember my post about our mailbox? Ghetto Fabulous - even our mailbox was scary o.O]

well, no more.

one of the pre-requisites to getting our mortgage was that we needed to paint the house. apparently the bank doesn't like it when you have chipped & peeling paint.

so we painted the house - check it out :D

doesn't it look incredible?!
so clean and neat and NICE.

OH we got a new mailbox a few months ago too - so no more ghetto fabulous!

we still can't believe that our house looks so nice. 
last night when all the work was completed, we just stood back and soaked it in.
we're so used to it being nasty that it's hard to believe it could look so much better! that just a simple coat of paint could turn the entire house around.

OH and then tonight as we were finishing up dinner - we saw this gorgeous double rainbow right outside our window :D
[i was really hoping it would be OVER our house so i could run outside and take that picture, but unfortunately it wasn't]

so our re-inspection is tomorrow - pray that it goes perfect & we can close on our house next week!!

a HUGE shout-out goes to D's parents who did a huge majority of the painting. D's Dad sprayed the entire house and his Mom painted most of the trim - so without them, we never would have gotten it done. so they deserve a huge thank-you :)


  1. Wow, what great in-laws! And what a huge difference. It was just a little scary before but now it is so CAA-UTTTE!! :)

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