Monday, September 26, 2011

I Heart Faces - Best of Summer

i can't believe it's already fall.
seriously - where did the summer go?

thankfully, after a week of cold - we're back to nice weather again - that kinda makes it feel like summer again.
but with all the leaves falling and the cool nights, i must admit, fall is here.

which brings us to this week's i[heart]faces challenge - i'm supposed to post my best photo from the summer.
do you know how hard that is to choose?
D&I did so many fun things this summer! our summer was fantastic. so choosing one image to sum the whole thing up is so hard.

but i did.
this is my baby sister :)
she learned to ski this summer at the lake-house and boy was she excited.
she's now a pro - and will be doing all sorts of tricks by next summer :)
but for now, we were happy to get a photo of her smiling [instead of her normal super-concentrated look]

be sure to head over to i[heart]faces to see more "summer" photos! everyone is posting their best so there are some REALLY great ones over there this week!


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  1. ... well. if this isn't a perfect "summer face", I don't know what is :-). Lovely.