Thursday, September 1, 2011

confessions of a disney college program alumni


it's been over two years since i worked at, lived in, and breathed disney world.

i remember the day i left - that morning i drove to the airport twice: 
the first time was to take 2 of my roommates to the airport.
i then drove back to our apartment to load my car with my stuff and then drive back to the airport to pick up my [then] boyfriend who was going to help me make the 16 hour drive home.
it was on the way to the airport the second time that it hit me.

i had turned in my parking pass, my id, and i knew i was driving out of those security gates for the last time. and that's when i lost it.
i literally bawled the whole way to the airport - like i have never sobbed before. it's a miracle i made it there safely.

i was closing a chapter in my life - finishing the most amazing 8 months of my life - and it was heartbreaking.

i got engaged the very next day - talk about going from the pits of despair to the highest of highs :P

but when i came home, i missed disney so much. i missed my friends, my roommates, my co-workers, the parks, the atmosphere, the happiness. and i remember thinking: eventually, this has to go away, right? like, i'll always remember the awesome time i had, but eventually i won't miss it so much.

well i'm here to tell you: i still miss it so much.
i feel like i just left yesterday. and it's been over 2 years.

i've said it before and i believe it to be 110% true:
disney has ruined me for life.

so, shout-out to all my disney buds - i miss you all!
you all made the happiest place on earth truly that - the happiest :)

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  1. i miss you too Kara!!!! and trust me i knw what ur feeling,. im sure we all do. I bug my boyfriend about too much sometimes.. it was one of the happiest times in my life... and the best... it changed me and yes i agree ruined me... lol you expect things differently...
    hugs and blessings!!!