Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dorney Park

if you have ever had a conversation with my husband, you probably gathered that he is a roller coaster nut.


and summer cannot go by without us traveling to at least a hand-full of amusement parks so he can get his yearly roller coaster fix.

you could call them his drug - and he needs his fix, bad.

so last saturday we went to Dorney Park in Allentown, PA.
[and yes, like nerds all 5 of us wore the same color - totally on accident too. i promise we did not plan it!!]

and we learned something:
the best time to go to an amusement park is the weekend a hurricane is blowing through :)

because every single line, looks like this:

we literally felt like the only people in the park [except for that totally annoying 11-year-old that we kept running across]

we had debated going into the water park, but decided to bring our bathing suits along just in case we had time, and well, let's just say: we arrived at 10am and parked in the front row. by 11:30am we had ridden every major ride in the park [in other words, all of the roller coasters & thrill rides]. so we headed out to the car to get our bathing suits, and by 2pm we had done everything in the water park [and some things over and over again].

it was insane and totally spoiling.
because who wants to wait in line ever again?

[oh by the way, i'm a fantastic photographer and would love to take your photos! i promise not to use a point-and-shoot camera and i further promise not to take self-portraits of myself & my 13inch taller husband :P]

so we had a fabulous time.
it only sprinkled a few times up until about 4:30pm, when they announced that due to the storms coming into the area that they would be closing the park at 5pm.
which was totally cool by us, we had already done everything we wanted hours ago :)

and then, as we were leaving, it down-poured.
but that was okay, because they gave us all free tickets to go back :D

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  1. nice, sounds like you guys had a great time!