Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Visitor..

we had a visitor last night.
we figure he got in around midnight-ish? and we finally got up and caught him about 2:30.

a robber? no.

this thing squeaks and our hero, Derrick, went after it armed with a broom and badminton racket.

and speaking of the racket, look what it did to it!

i must admit, it was fairly comical to see my husband perched on our stairs [we had caught it in the hallway] with a broom in one hand and swinging the racket like crazy in the other.
and i'll be honest, i did consider grabbing my camera and sneaking a picture, but then thought better of it and decided to just keep that picture in my mind :P

figure out what we had yet?
i'll give you a hint, this is the 4th one this summer we've caught in our house.
the first 2 we caught in a mouse trap [go figure] and the 3rd one escaped as we were trying to catch it.

yeah - we had another bat.
sorry mom, glad he didn't sneak in while you were here - but i guess we still have a problem.

so now, we're on a mission: figure out where they're getting in and seal the hole.

because Derrick the Bat-Slayer is tired of me frantically waking him up in the middle of the night and making him kill the bats.

so any helpful hints or comments are appreciated! because we're really kind of stumped by this one.

[oh and don't forget Derrick the Bat-Slayer's trusty side-kick, Bat-Dog. she almost caught it before D did!]

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