Friday, August 26, 2011

i'm the planner

i'm a planner.

i like to know - i take that back: i need to know what i'm doing.
who i'm doing it with.
what time i'm doing it.
how we're going about doing it.
what the doing involves.
if i need to bring anything to the doing.

i distinctly remember:
i was in kids choir at church, and we would sing a special something like once a month.
we would all sit in the 2nd pew so we could walk up and sing.

well, i was the one who would be whispering up to the lady in charge:
what's the order of the service?
are they going to announce us?
are we exiting the pew from the right or left side?
are we standing on the steps or on the stage?

i have to know the details.
and i have to plan it out in my head.

and i'm still like that.

my husband on the other hand?
is the fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants type.

the "i'll figure it out as i go along" type.

which drives the planner in me NUTS.

but i'm trying to learn to let him "plan" things.

kind of.

for example:
tomorrow morning we're going to dorney park.
and the only thing i know is that we're leaving around 6:30am.
and i'm sitting here with my mind reeling about things i should bring with us and snacks and cameras and batteries and extra clothes to pack and precautions about getting wet and what if its cold and what if its hot?

while he's playing a video game.
no plans, no worries, and no thoughts about tomorrow.

i don't think i'll ever be that way :P

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