Friday, August 12, 2011

hamsters & kangaroos

first it was hamsters.
growing up i always wanted a hamster.
i had it all planned out: i could keep him in my bedroom. i could take care of him really easy. and he could be my fuzzy friend.

and i remember planning it all out in my mind, and then picking the perfect moment to bring the topic up with my mom.

we were driving down the road - and i remember the exact spot we were when i asked.

and guess what she said?

i didn't pout or cross my arms or throw a tantrum, but i probably did on the inside.

fast forward about 14 years --

and now? it's a kangaroo.
i would really like a kangaroo :)
and i have it all planned out: i can keep him in the backyard! he'll be really easy to take care of. and he can be my fuzzy friend :)

unfortunately, that's about where this fantasy stops.
because i don't even have to open my mouth to know what D's answer would be :(

seriously though, you can't deny that they're pretty cute fuzzy little buggers!

[photos taken at the Troy Fair - what county fair has kangaroos? the Troy Fair does :)]

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