Tuesday, August 2, 2011

swallow falls, md

swallow falls is one of my favorite places to go.
it's so beautiful and peaceful.
and you can hike around to your hearts content.
get a little wet if it's really hot.
and take some really awesome photos :)

however, every time we go - it never fails, some knucklehead is jumping off some rocks into the water.
and every time we see it, we always say how stupid it is - because they have no idea how deep the water is. in some places its really deep sure, but in others it's really shallow.

D has a hard time resisting temptation, especially when it comes to thrills, heights, and water.

he trusted some guys who were already in the water, and he jumped.
and he gave me a heart-attack.
but he survived.

and found the spot to be really deep.

so he proceeded to convince my sister to jump in with him.

and then, believe it or not, [well believe it because i have the picture to prove it :P]
he got my little brother to jump in too!


1 comment:

  1. haha!!!! I love my jump :) I feel like I shoulda been playing air-guitar or somethin ;)