Saturday, July 30, 2011

veggies in my back yard!

remember my garden?
if not, i first posted about it here: gardening 101
and then posted about it here [with a couple photos of abby too :)]: life!

okay so now that we're all caught up on the past, let's fast forward to today.

i have actually harvested a few things !!

the first thing that came in was my beans - and even though some sort of bug devoured half of my bean plants - we've had beans for the past few weeks :) and they're SO yummy!

the second thing to come in was my lettuce - my family never did lettuce when i was growing up, so i was at a loss for how to pick it and when. 
well, now i know - because i missed the prime picking time and i lost a lot of it [think: we got one salad out of it, and i threw away enough for 4 or 5 salads, boo]
thankfully lettuce is super cool in that once you cut it off - it will grow back! so, it's coming back and i'll definitely be ready to get it this time :)

my eggplants? they never appeared. i have no clue what happened to them but they never came up :(

and my green peppers? they are there but they're still super tiny, not sure if i'm going to get any peppers off of them or not.

i have cucumbers though!
i like to think of the fat guy on the left as my "bloated cucumber" - he was the first one i found and he hasn't really changed too much. but now i have a bunch of "normal" ones coming in and i can't wait to pick those!

anndd - of course i have zucchini! i planted my zucchini seeds almost a month after i planted everything else and they're the biggest plants in my garden [of course :P]

and my tomato plants, even though they aren't that tall yet, they have baby tomatoes on them!! woohoo!!

remember the flowers i planted out front that i had no clue what they were going to look like?
check them out NOW !

they shocked me the MOST - they grew up huge and big and beautiful and i LOVE to look at them every day :) 

so - all in all - this gardening thing really isn't too hard.
i think i've had great success this year just because, besides my eggplants, everything came up! and that was a huge success in my book.
andd - it looks like, i'll probably harvest at least a little something from each of my plants! probably in the next few weeks my garden will really kick it into high gear and i'll have zucchini & cucumbers & tomatoes coming out my ears :P

i have learned some things along the way: like, next year i will definitely start my green peppers & tomatoes inside for a few weeks so they get a head start on life.

oh and of course, what's a post without a picture of abby?
[please don't mind how dirty the window in my screen door is - she stands there and watches me whenever i'm outside so it's always icky :P]


  1. Hi Kara, I love your garden. I felt like I was getting a guided tour. I know how you feel--we are trying vegetable gardening for the first time this year, and yes, lettuce from your garden rocks! I'm about to stat a fresh crop for fall. The summer stuff keeps trying to go to seed with all this hot weather.

  2. Hi Kara, I love your garden. I felt like I was getting a guided tour. I kind of know how you feel. We are trying vegetable gardening for the first time this year, and dittos on growing your own lettuce. Iceberg? How can I go back? Soiled. Anyway, the lettuce is getting tired now and I plan to sow fresh seed for fall. It's so much fun. Everyone should try it.