Thursday, July 21, 2011

today i'm thankful for --


that's how quickly the temperature is rising.

in the time it took me to take this picture, upload it, run it through photoshop, and upload it here - the temperature has gone up .4 degrees.

i knew it was bad - because when i came home from work [45 minutes ago], it was the hottest it's ever been in my house - 90.1 - and that was yesterday afternoon, in my kitchen while i was baking apple crisp & shepherd's pie :)

and now it's 3 degrees hotter and still going up.

absolutely crazy.

so today - i'm extremely grateful for D's little window air conditioner from his college days.
and i promise not to complain at all about being cooped up in our bedroom to edit photos.

ps - it's now up to 94.9 - i'm kind of curious how hot it's gonna get in my house before like, the windows break or something LOL

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