Saturday, July 23, 2011


i admit it.
i have given a photographer a run for his money.

when i was 3 years old [almost 4] i was a flower girl in my aunt & uncle's wedding.

and you have to understand:
i was an extremely shy little girl. 
and my mom was terrified that even with all our practicing, the morning of the wedding i would see all the people in the church and refuse to walk down the aisle.

pfft - that didn't bother me.
not at all.
because i knew as soon as i made it down the aisle to the very front row, that's where my Meme & Grandpa were sitting and i was able to jump in the pew with them.

the thing i was terrified of - 
was standing up on the stage with the rest of the bridal party.
even though both my mom & dad were in the bridal party, and i loved my uncle paul & soon to be aunt dawn soo very much - i was petrified of standing up on the stage in front of all those people.

so - like a little angel i strutted down the aisle, tossing my flowers and looking pretty, and as soon as i made it to the end, i hopped in the pew where my grandparents were waiting [with my stuffed bunny too].

i was so delighted with myself that i had done it, especially since everyone was so scared that i wouldn't.

i sat there the whole ceremony, not even realizing that the worst was yet to come.

after the ceremony, i watched as the photographer started placing people on the stage.
formal portraits of the bride & groom & their family.

i had no problem going up on stage now - all of the people were gone and going up for a family photo with all the people i loved so much was easy.

but then they asked me to do something i refused to do.

the photographer wanted me to stand on the stage, alone, to take a portrait of me as the flower girl.

no way, jose.

and no amount of coaxing would get me up there.
i'd go up with my mom - sure.
i'd go up with my dad - sure.
but by myself - no way in the world.

they explained to me what they wanted - how i was the flower girl and had such a special job that i deserve a picture all to myself.


looking back, all i can think of is that poor photographer. all he wanted was a photo of this cute little girl and she was shutting down on him.

after a long time of coaxing [and maybe even a little bribing] i ventured up on stage with my mom.
and then she slowly backed out of the frame.

i slowly opened my eyes and gave the photographer one quick smile.
because - that's all he was getting.

he was probably sweating it out, knowing that he only had one shot and he better not blow it.

funny that i remember so vividly that encounter with a wedding photographer from back when i was 3 years old. and now here i am, taking on the role of a wedding photographer.

and praying that i never have to deal with a little stubborn, shy flower girl, like i was :)

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