Friday, July 8, 2011

Cassie & Caleb Part II [wedding photographer, Herrickville, PA]

let's review :)

last saturday was an utterly gorgeous day in which cassie & caleb tied the knot.

yesterday i posted all about them getting ready and the actual ceremony.
but the second part is always better than the first - so here we go :)

if you missed the first part, you definitely don't want to miss it.
you can find it right here: cassie & caleb part i

when the wedding ceremony was over and the family formal portraits shot, i herded the bridal party outside for some photos.
UNfortunately, it was about 111 degrees [in the shade] and the guys complained the whole time about being in suits and - something about melting into puddles of sweat & dying?
i don't know - i didn't listen to a word they were saying :)

seriously though, it was wicked hot [and i was actually listening to the guys, as well as contemplating how i was going to survive melting into a puddle of sweat too], so we sped through photos as quickly as possible.

it was honestly the fastest portrait shoot i have ever done.
but i think we got some fiiine results :)

and right as we were at the point of melting, we dashed back inside to snap a few more portraits in the entry of the church.
[which is also where the very first image is from :) it's one of my new all-time favorites!]

having barely survived the wicked heat of the outdoors, we headed downstairs to the fellowship hall, where all of the guests were waiting for us.

i totally have to take a minute and say how amazing everything looked.
it's really quite difficult to decorate for your own wedding. i mean, we all look through bridal magazines and countless websites for ideas, but seriously, without a wedding planner and lots of money - it's really quite challenging to make your reception look beautiful.
but cassie & her mom & a whole bunch of other people who helped, made the place look stunning.

they covered all the windows so it was dark, and then had strung icicle lights along the ceiling, as well as lighting candles on the tables.

it was beautiful.

just like their simple ceremony, they had a simple reception.
they did a first-dance -
[and i don't exactly know what it is, but something about this moment, hmm, i could stare at this for a long long time]

and then a father-daughter dance.
which is always one of my favorite moments at a wedding.
there's just something really special about a daddy giving his little girl away and then celebrating it by dancing with her.

caleb's aunt made their cake - it was beautiful!
and i watched her set it up - there is a reason i'm a photographer and not a cake-maker. i would totally be a basket case transporting and then assembling my creation. but she was as calm as could be, even when it was sitting a little lopsided, she calmly straightened everything out :)

and as they were cutting the cake, they told me they were going to be nice to each other.
in other words, no smashing cake in the other person's face.

but, somehow, plans changed at the very last second [maybe they realized this might be the only opportunity to do this without severe repercussions, i don't know] and cassie got a face full of cake.
shortly after, caleb also got a face full of cake :)

alrighty, so there's so many more photos i could post. 
seriously, i had originally picked out about 50 photos for my blog and i had to do some nasty cutting.
but i'll end with this.

cassie & caleb - 
thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day! 
i had a blast and i wish you both all the blessings in the world, and a long & happy life together :)

just kidding :)

we're not finished yet!
i still haven't gotten to show off the bridal session cassie & i did a few weeks back! it's coming soon!!

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