Monday, July 11, 2011

Cassie's Bridal Portraits [Milan, PA Photographer]

wedding days are soo hectic.
and fast paced.
and, just soo fast.

you plan and plan and plan, 
and in a matter of hours, it's all over.

so that's what makes bridal sessions & day-after sessions so much fun.
you get to get all prettied up and have some time when you can really relax and enjoy yourself, without all the pressure of time constraints and knowing that your guests are waiting for you.

so you'll understand why i was so excited to hear that cassie wanted to do a bridal session before the wedding. it turned out fabulously!

and it was one of those days - where it rained all, day, long.
and all i wanted was a little bit of sunshine so we could get some portraits outside.

when i arrived, it was still nasty & gloomy, so i resigned myself to shooting the entire session indoors.

we started out and immediately got beautiful results.

a few poses later, i glanced out the window and squealed.
because the sun was out.

so, we hustled outside [because we had no idea how long the sun would last] and wow -

i literally can't even post all of my favorites because there are wayy too many.
cassie is a beautiful beautiful lady and she was a perfect model.

after soaking up the sun [and saying lots of "thank you Jesus!" prayers]
we headed inside for one more photo i had in my head.
and i'm crazy about how it turned out :)

so, thus marks the end of my cassie & caleb posts :) 
if you missed the first 2 parts, you can revisit them! here is the link to part 1 and part 2.
once again - thank you so much for including me in such an awesome part of your lives!

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