Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cassie & Caleb Part I [wedding photographer, Herrickville, PA]

july 2nd dawned one of those mornings.
it was foggy, but here in the valley - that's usually a good thing.

that usually means its going to be a beautiful day.
and beautiful it was.

and it was not just beautiful because of the abundant sunshine and cloudless sky.
it was beautiful because of the union that was going to be created between two people.

cassie spent the morning hanging out with her mom and her girls.

her mom explained to me that for everything - every dance, ballet program, every fancy event, she would always do her daughter's hair. ever since she was little, it was their mother/daughter tradition.
and what perfect day to put that icing on the tradition's cake, than a wedding day?

a little while later, this door was firmly shut, as the guys arrived to get ready right down the hall.

when they arrived, most of the guys were already ready to go.
and when i say most - i mean everyone except the groom. caleb was missing his tie.

for a moment it was like one of those crazy nightmares you have the day before the wedding - that you're going to forget something silly like, your pants or the ring - or your tie.
but thankfully, and unlike most nightmares, his tie was found and grandpa was there to lend a little help with getting it on.

guys ready to go - check.
they were scooted down the hall to begin seating all the early-birds to the wedding.
and so i scooted back in with the ladies.

i loved it - 
cassie spent her last moments before becoming a mrs., chatting and laughing with her girls. 
just like they were all little girls again, dressed up to go to some pretend party.
like they were wearing dresses out of their mom's closets that were too big and wearing the brightest red lipstick they could find.

only, today it was real and their dresses actually fit and their lipstick wasn't red at all.
today was a real wedding - where two people who truly love each other were going to get married.

i loved the look on caleb's face the first time he saw his bride walking down the aisle.
he was staring - can't you tell?
as in, he couldn't blink or take his eyes off of her.

and he wasn't the only one who couldn't take his eyes off of the beautiful bride - her daddy looks pretty smitten as well :)

the ceremony was sweet and simple.
no fluff.
just like cassie & caleb.
they aren't the gushy, mushy, fluffy type.
they're the steady, long-term, steadfast-love type.

they're two tough cookies all right.
they're love story has not been easy.
they've been through "the long-distance relationship" chapters, the "waiting anxiously for letters" chapters, the "boot-camp" chapters, the "family drama" chapters.

but one thing remained constant throughout their entire relationship.
cassie and caleb.
in love.

[notice mr. swan sitting on the table right behind them? remember them from the bridal sneak peak? yes-sir-ee he & his partner were keeping watch over the whole ceremony]

mr. & mrs.!

.. and yes that is the end of the post and yes you did read the title correctly - that is only part i - part ii is coming tomorrow and they'll probably be a part iii as well :)


  1. Simply beautiful! Luv the look on daddy's face.