Monday, July 18, 2011

I Heart Faces - Props!

this week's challenge at i[heart]faces is based around "props" - and i had a really hard time deciding what photo to use :P

seriously, i just did a rockin' double senior session [stay tuned, it's coming up next!] and i took a lot of pictures of a boy & his guitar - but honestly, i couldn't pass this one by.

this is my baby sister :)
and i love her to pieces.
and one of these times i go down to visit my family - i'm going to sneak her into my suitcase & bring her home with me :) [psst, mom & dad: you didn't hear that!]

she's so precious and we all spoil her so much :)
and now she gets to star in my i[heart]faces submission - her and a beautiful bunch of flowers that D actually picked for me - but i was letting ruby hold for me :)

be sure to head over to i[heart]faces to see more "props" photos!


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  1. make sure you send me all those photos from the wknd and stephen's party so I can get them printed, plllleeeeaase

  2. There is a certain softness to this picture that I love! Great job!