Monday, October 31, 2011

Emmie [Senior 2012]

Emmie :)
ahh I love this girl :)
Emmie goes to my church is is part of our youth group [D&I are youth leaders? oh you didn't know that? now you do :)] and you can always count on Emmie to do something unexpected.
and you can always count on Emmie to make faces, make jokes, laugh hysterically, and rarely be serious :)
she makes things interesting - and fun.

so when she came bouncing up to me after church one Sunday morning and asked me to take her senior pictures, i secretly began to bounce on the inside because i knew it would be a ton of fun!

needless to say, our photo adventure was just that - an adventure!
we jumped train tracks and laid in the grass and picked flowers and got in some guy who was carrying a tv's way!

i love how her photos turned out tho' - i really wanted to capture Emmie's fun-loving and crazy personality, but equally show how beautiful she is - and i definitely think i succeeded!
but i'll let you decide for yourself :)

best of luck Emmie! love ya girl!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Jonah [newborn portraits, Sayre, PA]

coming from a family that consisted of 4 girls until a little boy was born, i totally remember how exciting it was to suddenly have a boy in the house.
things were suddenly blue, and trucks and cars appeared where dolls and tea-sets used to be.

so i could totally relate to how ecstatic everyone was when baby jonah was born - the baby brother to his 3 older sisters.

i know daddy's love their little girls, but there's something special between a daddy & his little boy.
if you don't believe me, well just ask jeremy & jonah :)

when i went over to meet jonah - he was only 7 days new, but he is already such a little man! he's so big and completely adorable - i just wanted to sit and cuddle him the whole time i was there :)

he has the most big beautiful wide-awake eyes and the cutest little fuzzy hair!

AND - he can wink too!
he's such a talented little man already :)

well, as you can see - jonah is a pretty impressive little guy already.
and i think his mama & daddy are expecting big things from him!
dude think about it: he's born into a family of sisters! he's already got a huge task ahead of him: protect those sisters :) oh i'm sure there will be plenty of teasing and silliness in between, but at only a week old i can tell - this one's special :)

congratulations sam & jeremy! he's amazing :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas Mini Sessions

Christmas is only 57 days away!
i don't know if that messes with anyone else's brain? but it definitely messes with mine :)

it means that we'll be soon playing Christmas music, decorating, buying gifts and eating lots and lots of food :D

last year around this time, i participated in the Christmas Extravaganza held to raise money for my church's school - Freedom Lane Academy.
and this year we're doing it again :D

and i'd love to see you there!

not only am i offering family photos - but there will be other vendors. think of it as your one stop start to all your Christmas shopping!
if you have any questions - or need directions, please don't hesitate to contact me!
and thank you in advance for your support.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tara & Andrew [wedding photography, Wysox, PA]

it seems to be the magnet that pulled tara & andrew together.

it was classic.
that day they were both at their apartment's pool at the same time.
and tara had the cool pool toys that andrew and his son were totally in need of.
never mind that tara was absolutely gorgeous and andrew was searching for any excuse to introduce himself to her.

it was so innocent.
but one simple conversation about borrowing pool toys and the next thing you know, they were having deeper conversations about everything but pool toys.

and a few years later, they found themselves beside water again.
this time tho', things were a bit different. and when andrew built a castle in the sand and "found" something shiny to put on top -

well let's just say: they decided they wanted to share pool toys forever :)

they planned a beautifully simple ceremony with their closest friends and family.
and vowed to love each other forever.

tara got ready with the help of her sister - they were both so excited!

and tara - you are utterly breath-taking. totally gorgeous!

oh remember their daughter? gianna? oh man she's such a doll. i could probably do a whole post just about her :) while her mama was getting ready - her grandmas were keeping an eye on her. and of course accepting any kisses would come their way!

meet the awesome groom. andrew was getting a few last minute instructions from the pastor.

their ceremony was held in this adorable "one room" church - that had huge windows on either side - allowing beautiful, soft, natural light to flood the place. it was amazing.

i loved that they included their daughter in their ceremony! 

and this.. has to be one of my favorite family photos ever!
proof that family formals do not have to be boring!

andrew had recently taught gianna how to give the "thumbs up" - and so all day long she gave people thumbs up - love it!

okay, and i promise - one more of gianna - how could anyone resist this face?

her mommy & daddy are pretty fabulous themselves :)
we had such a wonderful time taking photos after the ceremony. it was one of those rain-of-and-on kind of days - but we were blessed enough to have a window of "off" time and it was glorious!

i hadn't met tara or andrew before the wedding - and sometimes that can be a little tough but they were so cool - we could have been long lost friends :)
andrew warned me at the beginning that he was "not good" at having his picture taken - but i think my camera said otherwise :) he definitely wins the award of being one of the most laid-back and funny grooms!
and the beautiful thing about the groom being laid-back? is that it also allows the bride to be laid-back - which means oh so fun photos :)

i think this is one of my new all time favorites :)

and this post is already really long so i'll leave with some details from the reception - beautiful fall decorations!

tara & andrew [& gianna!] - i wish you all the best! you truly are awesome people and i wish you all the happiness in the world.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Heart Faces - Little People

this week's theme over at i[heart]faces is 'let them be little' and i was struggling with this one.
i finally decided i just needed to pick a cute photo from baby jonah's photos last week - and that got me thinking:
thinking about how i photographed that family last Christmas and how much the kiddos have grown & now they have a new baby brother --
and that's when i remembered this photo :)
seems like just the week for a silly entry!
bella was being such a goof-ball, can't you tell?
she's WAYY more mature now that she's a big sister :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

previews :)

i just wanted to post a few photos from the last few days :D
last weekend i shot a beautiful wedding - it was amazing, really.
but i will post more about that soon - here are a few photos: the first of the bride & groom's little girl - isn't she's beautiful?

and then today i got to go over and meet baby jonah! he's only 7 days new - isn't he adorable? i sat and cuddled with him for a long long time - he was so awake & alert the whole afternoon! more of him coming soon too :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Heart Faces - Tickled Pink

this week's theme over at i[heart]faces is the color PINK in honor of october - which is breast cancer awareness month.
i honestly didn't know which photo i wanted to post as my entry - although i had the idea that i wanted to post an image of one of my brand new twin cousins :) and when i remembered this photo i took of abby - i couldn't resist :)
i love the soft light - she is sitting in her car seat in front of a big glass window at our family's lake house. so i loved the soft morning light streaming in.
and seriously? who couldn't resist her little tongue sticking out? yeah, i thought so, no one :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tim Hawkins - Johnson City, NY

i was sitting on the couch.
my mom was sitting on her computer.
she began playing a video that someone had sent her.
and suddenly she was laughing super hard.

so of course, that brought everyone to the computer.
"what mom? what's so funny? what is it mom?"

and thru' her tears, she pointed to the screen, and thus we watched our first tim hawkins video.

i remember, for the rest of that night, we watched youtube video after youtube video.
we sat there and hated on the computer because it was taking so long to load.
so we got smart and began to load multiple videos in multiple tabs.
we just couldn't get enough.

since then, my family has bought his dvds and they still watch his youtube videos.
my sister emma can quote for you word for word most of his acts.
[she even does the voices he does :D]

so you can imagine how jealous they are all that last friday night, D&I went to see him LIVE!
[sorry guys, i'm not trying to rub it in :)]

agh he was so funny.
we laughed so hard :)
if you've never heard of tim hawkins - you gotta check him out.
start like we did - with his youtube videos.
i promise, you'll be hooked for life :)