Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Christmas Extravaganza [Family Photos in Milan, PA]

Yesterday was the Christmas Extravaganza at church - and we had a marvelous day!
We (and I say we meaning, the vendors and folks who organized the day) had a fantastic turnout and raised over $1700 for the school !!
There was really great food & baked goods, handmade jewelry & crafts, and other unique gifts as well ! So, if you missed it, you really missed out - because it was awesome !

But, no worries: we're going to do it again next year :D

I ended up photographing 13 families (12 yesterday and 1 today after church) and had a BLAST doing it too :) So, I wanted to show ya'll just a little taste of what we did :)

We started out with a cute little Christmas scene:

And this is what we came up with when we added people :D

Anndd: one more of her because she is a doll :D

Like I said, we had a great time - I had a great time - and it turned out to be a huge blessing to the school !!

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  1. great Kara, I have a few favorites out of there that's for sure! need you to do this for us!!! Thanksgiving, what do you say? I'll feed you turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, homemade bread and punkin dessert in exchange for your work! lol!