Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For

D&I were forced to leave my wonderful family's house this afternoon & come home by evil & cruel jobs that require us to be present in the morning.

Okay, just kidding about the evil & cruel part - we both really love our jobs :P

But the part about my wonderful family's house is true. We had such a wonderful time visiting with my family and catching up with all of my siblings. We got to visit at length with both sets of my Grandparents, and Derrick's brother & sister-in-law & our nephew, and my Aunt & Uncle who live next door (who we found out this weekend are expecting TWINS in March of '11 !!! That makes number 7&8 for them !!)

The weekend went wayy too fast though. Seriously - I think time speeds up when you want it to slow down. It feels like we just got there and it was time to pack up and leave already. Boo.

But, we did have a fantastic time.

And I just realized that I never got to post the one "thankfulness" post I really wanted to write !!

I am super thankful for my husband :D

We celebrated our 7 month anniversary this past week (celebrated, meaning, it came & went, we didn't really do anything special, but who does anything super special for their 7 month anniversary anyway?) And it's like, wow - how have we been married for 7 months already ??

Like I said before: time flies !

Anyway, I am very thankful for the awesome man that I married 7 months ago. He surprises me with how thoughtful he is and all the little things he does for us. He works very hard and I can't thank him enough (he puts up with me and all my crazy ideas and dreams - what more can you ask?)

And - because no post is complete without a picture - here's one I took at Paul & Naomi's house this past weekend. I did a little photo-shoot Friday night at their house and Derrick was getting a little carried away with PJ's toys :P Photos from their shoot coming up soon !! They're cute, let me warn you :D

I love you Derrick !!

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