Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Need Your Input!

I'm about to have some business cards made up for the Christmas Extravaganza coming up soon (more on that later) and so I was designing them and was looking for some input!

What do you think ? Too much info ? Not enough info ? Too small ? Too big ? Ideas ?

So, this is the front (ignore the top & bottom purple lines - they won't show up on the cards, just was extending my design so it reaches all the way to the edge of the card)

And the back:

So, what do you think ?? All input welcome !!


  1. Hey look I'm on it :) haha!! I think it looks really good :)
    ~amy kate

  2. I love the makeover that you did to your blog and I like how you're using the "A" now for your emblem. However I'm not crazy about the back of the business cards. I think business cards should be simplistic, emphasizing basic information which will make people go "oo I want to check out that web address" or "I'm going to put that number in my phone" rather than looking too busy, offering the opportunity to judge your style of work without even looking you up. Less is often soo much more. (Maybe just half of what you've got now + basic info?)
    Just my input!!

  3. Yeah I think I agree with Shauna. I think you should have your number somewhere on there.