Monday, November 8, 2010



D&I now have real jobs :)
Like - we've both had jobs before - but these ones are new, and real.
Like, working 8-5 and not on weekends - real.
Like, being home for dinner, and having time to make it - real.
Like, having free time and not having to worry too much about money - real.
It's wonderful :)

But, we only have one full bathroom in our castle.
And when 2 people are trying to get ready to leave for work in the morning, well, things can get a bit wacky.

So, that's why I was getting a shower tonight :)
So then tomorrow morning, I just have to get up and do my hair & makeup and I'm good to go. And Derrick can take his time and his shower (oh and did I mention some of the heating elements in our hot water tank don't work so whoever takes a shower first gets the hot water and whoever is second is left with the cold -- yeahhh)

But, it was while I was taking a shower tonight that it hit me:
God totally just answered my prayer.


We moved into our brand new house, without all the money in the world. We were given lots of furniture, come to think of it- we didn't have to buy one piece. Our house is filled with lots of gifts of love and we are so grateful! And, having been here a little over a month, we have pretty much gotten every room set up and settled.

Except for one: the guest room.
[aka- Adam's room. Adam being Derrick's best friend and our frequent sleepover candidate and the kid we call our "rebellious teenage son"]

All of the pieces are there to make it a cute little guest room - except one thing is missing. A mattress. I have the bed frame - but I don't have a mattress. And mattresses are really expensive! Even twin mattresses aren't cheap! And, I saw that you could buy them at like, Salvation Army. But look: I worked at Rent-A-Center, I've seen what happens to used mattresses and how nasty they come back. No thank you.

The only way I would take a used mattress was if I knew the family who was giving it to me very very well. I wasn't going to fool around.

So. I started praying about it. Just about every night I'd pray a short little prayer before going to bed - Lord, I need a mattress for that room.

I didn't tell many people that I was doing this. A few people knew that I needed a twin mattress and were on the lookout for one - and even fewer people knew that I was praying for one. The last person I told was one of the girls at youth group. We were talking about my house and she was commenting on the pictures I had posted - and somehow we got on the topic of that last uncompleted room, and I just said "God's gonna give us the mattress we need to pull the room together."

Well, God gave us a mattress tonight :D

Derrick & I (totally enjoying our new schedules) had dinner and then sat down to watch a movie. Half-way through the movie, my Mom called me: "Do you still need a mattress?"

She proceeded to tell me that another family - good friends of my family back home - was cleaning house and looking to give away a twin mattress. My Mom found out about it on Saturday and emailed the family back saying, "Kara would really like to have that mattress! But, if someone else really needs it, they can have it."

Well, they got back to my Mom this evening and said that she was the first to respond, and even though several other people had responded as well, she wanted to give the mattress to me!

:D :D :D

And, silly me. It totally didn't even sink in. I was like "Awesome Mom! We'll pick it up when we're down for Thanksgiving. Okay, I gotta go. Derrick & I are watching a movie."

I'm so dumb.

So, after the movie when I went to get my shower - that's when it hit me. Like a ton of oranges. God totally just answered my prayer!! And in just a few short weeks, we'll be bringing home a mattress to finish off the guest room!!

God is awesome :)

Now, on to my next prayer: Lord, please let that mattress fit in my car so we can bring it home!! :D

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