Thursday, November 18, 2010

Light Up Night

Tonight was the world famous Light Up Night in my hometown of Irwin, PA.

And I wasn't there.

And that makes me really sad.

And what makes me even sadder - is that [to the best of my knowledge anyway] : my new town of Sayre, PA does not have a light up night ! Since when does a little town NOT have a light up night? I mean, com'on - I thought that was written in the handbook of running a little town - you've gotta have light up night!

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong - and I plan on asking the ladies at work tomorrow if they know of a light up night around here, because I am definitely missing it.

My siblings went though - back home in Irwin. I'm waiting on photos from them so I can pretend like I was there :)

It was fun looking back through my blog and seeing past year's posts about being at light up night though :D

(Not sure what happened to 2009's pictures?)

[before I figured out how to enlarge my photos..]
[while I was still running my blog under a 'pen name'..]

I'm ready to decorate my house now for Christmas - what do you think?
I think, since D&I won't be home for Thanksgiving, I totally have the go-ahead to decorate early :D Maybe I'll start tomorrow !! :D

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