Monday, November 29, 2010

First & Last

She's the first one and the last one.

For the most part, she is the first one to come sprinting out to our car. No matter how cold, dark, or late it is - she's there. Usually squealing very loudly in sheer delight. With a big gi-normous smile on her face. Giggling the whole way. Ending with an amazing exclamation point of a huge hug.

Usually there is a brother and other sisters behind, but she's typically first.

And she's usually last.

The last one to give us a big hug and the ONLY one to clamp onto us for dear life, as if somehow holding on tighter will make us stay longer. Adding in loads of kisses. And more tight squeezes. And refusing to let go's. And big huge sad puppy-dog eyes that would make the president of the United States consider giving up his position to stay with her for a few more days.

I miss ya, Ruby-kins !! We'll be back home to visit soon !!

(and no, I'm not leaving out any of my other wonderful siblings - I miss you too Ellen, Amy, Emma, & Stephen !! Ruby was just so sad when we left on Sunday - I thought this would make her feel better :))

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