Monday, November 15, 2010

Our House [update]

Just wanted to give ya'll (and my Mom - hi!) a little update on what's been going on at our house!

While Derrick&I have been away at work, some one (& I suspect it's Santa's elves) has been working on our house !! Wow, I know - it's fantastic to be so connected (yeah, me & Santa we're like this *crosses fingers* and I'll prove it to you this weekend, okay? just a little something to look forward to :D -- PS: when they're finished here, I'll send 'em your way, okay?) but what can I say? D&I? We're just that awesome :D

But no, in reality, D's Dad has been coming over to our house for a few hours whenever he can to help us out - and we're almost ready for our wood burner to be installed !!

If you've ever been to my house - you'll remember that fireplace used to look like this:

Yeah, well no longer!!
All of the brick has been torn out and nice new tile has been laid.
The duct tape & black board has been removed & tossed out.
And the brick, has been awesomely re-used as the backdrop to our fireplace :D

[and yes, these are taken with my ipod touch-]

So, we're super excited - because on Friday, D's Dad will be putting in the wood burner !! :D And then our house will be nice & warm & cozy and we won't freeze anymore because we can't seem to allow ourselves to turn the heat above 65 !! Hey, oil is expensive.

All I can say is: D's gonna be chopping wood for a lonngg lonngg time starting this weekend :)

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