Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

So, the boys are downstairs killing each other [other wise known as playing video games] and I'm upstairs, just relaxing - thinking about the week ahead (you know, what I'm going to make for dinner, what I'm going to wear to work this week - oh snap I guess I need to finish the laundry - how D is starting his new job tomorrow & I need to remember to pick him up on my way home from MY new job, you know: important stuff).

And, I'm thinking to myself how I really want to write a blog post - but I don't have any new and exciting pictures =/ And I could dig up some "old" stuff and blog about that, but that's so old news.

But I was going through some old pictures anyway. Pictures of Disney World (mental note: I still want to make a coffee table book of all the photos I took down there - if only money & time grew on trees and I could just go out and pick some for myself, ya know?) and of my family, of different events throughout the year.

And I came across this one of PJ :)

My best friend has the cutest baby around :) And marrying D made this little stinker my most adorable nephew!

And it got me thinking: what a life - to be perched up on Daddy's shoulder while Mommy feeds you cake.


I remember being a little girl once, and being able to sit on my Daddy's shoulders. I loved it. My Daddy used to throw me up in the air and catch me on his shoulders. I would laugh and giggle and then hold on tight because I was soo high above the ground! I loved being able to comb my fingers through his hair and try to spike it or pull it into pony-tails. He would always persevere for a while and then shout "Hey!" and shake his hair back out - to which I would giggle away.

To continue on the random streak: last night I made my Dad's favorite dessert: Congo Bars. They're basically a cake-like chocolate chip cookie that you cut into bars. They are soo yummy. And I introduced them to Derrick. He liked them, but let me know that that's not his favorite type of dessert. He did eat 2 bars last night though and 1 after lunch today and then cried a river of tears when I said I would be taking the rest of them with us to give to the youth group tonight =P

Which concludes my randomness. I wish I had some snappy punch line to pull all of this together - but I don't.

The end.


  1. Dad (misting up) I remember those days. I wish they could last forever. They go by so quickly.