Monday, November 1, 2010

Harvest Party at NGC [Milan, PA]

Last Friday night, we had a Harvest Party at church - kind of a Halloween alternative. The kids dressed up - there were games, prizes, food, and candy!

Oh, and Daniel in the lion's den..

Featuring Derrick as Daniel:

Mitchell & Ed as the guards:

And Adam - as the single fearful lion:

It actually turned out pretty cool - they decorated the prayer room upstairs all up and then with the use of a single black light & the fog machine completed the "den" look. It was dark, very very dark. And Derrick had created a track of lions roaring? When they played that - ohhh myyy, it was scar-ee! I think they only had one kid that freaked out and they had to cut it short because he was crying, but other than that, everyone loved it !!

Haha, yeah I know - just one freaked out little kiddo. Ehh, toss him to the lions - that'll teach him to cry =P

Anyway, like I said - everyone dressed up :)

And of course we had a few fairies - I mean *cough* this is the "special purple princess"!

Annnddd - a super extra-large hat floated around - Cheri was having kinda a stinky day from work - she put on THE hat and well, yeah, her day turned 180* around :)

Oh, and Zion became Laura the Carrot for a while :)

I caught a precious moment between Mom & Scarecrow - I mean: Andre :)

OH ! Check out this tiny little pumpkin Adam had!! Isn't it completely adorable? I begged and pleaded and he eventually gave it to me - out of the good nature of his heart :D

Did I mention the food? Oh mi soul, it was SO yummy !! People brought homemade chillis and soups, and homemade pies = to-die-for :D

And no Halloween alternative is complete without candy!

There was tons - each kid had a bag, and they filled each bag to the brim. I'm sure all the mother's loved seeing that much candy come home with each of their kiddos :)

And somehow, Derrick got a bag - and the next day I put it in a bowl on our buffet? Well, over the course of Saturday, Sunday, and today, about half of the bowl has disappeared! I blame it on Adam - because was over yesterday :P

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  1. Ah I am SO jealous!! It looks like you guys had SO much fun!! Annnnddd... Derricks hair looks SO MUCH BETTER!!!